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File UploadedYour successfully file has been downloaded successfully and is now found: file: example. JpgPlease follow the link and make sure the image description page has all the information you want to include. If you want to change the description, go to the image page and click the Edit tab at the top of the page, change the measurement that you edit any other page. Do not download, unless you want to replace the current file with a new version of this form again. To insert this file into an article, can be coded as follows: [[image: example. jpg |]]Thumb |Law |Insert caption here]] you want to make a link to the text file, without, for example, when in reality, it is the image, an image of the talk page, can be the following (mark: after the first parenthesis!): [[: file: eg. jpg]] see Wikipedia: tutorial photo for a more detailed guide to the the logo creator upload income and put the images on their pages. Thanks much to test experimental Assistant loading files. Please leave your comments, comments, errors or suggestions on the page reports. 5 stars is good, the work and it takes time to learn, November 2, 2014.   By jsweeney44 |  Version: 6 8 ProsWell Logo Creator, took half an hour to solve. There a lot of things to do for your thoughts. But the author certainly has a lot of promotions and advertising. They offered me a price of $7 for the full version of the product in the first two minutes of the opening of the program. Control author/owner, Marc Sylvester, he is an expert in graphic design, but it is insufficient when it comes to things like a manual or start writing. When you save a file, it saves the file in fact sometimes. The name used to create a new folder that will not open. The solution is the system to save the file on your desktop, and then move it wherever you want, manually. Is impossible, the search for stars or trees, etc. just look at and try things. The models are very simple and do not inspire. Many videos, can be good, but none of them should start by me. Use SummaryAfter from the programme of work for a few hours, the almost intuitive method of a logo design. The variety of numbers, letters, balls and other objects (style flip) are good promoting your thought, if you have a solid idea of what they want in a logo. Funds and all other objects can be easily changed by their color, size, and position. It is a large download, but I had no problem for the first, is not two or three times the download. So I purchased the program for $7 and made a logo today, which has been approved by my wife. He has helped answer this question report has this report? (0) (0) report this post Email this post Permalink post,.